Internet Connections

Dial-Up / Modem
DWX provides solid, reliable, affordable Dial-Up service customized to your business' needs...

Dial-Up service includes top-notch privacy & security, protecting your company's computers with anti-spam, anti-spyware/adware & anti-virus systems.

Optional Xcellerator makes most online activity up to 5 times faster!

High-Speed DSL
DWX offers a wide variety of lightning-fast DSL connections and will custom tailor the best possible DSL service for your business. All connections come with DWX security measures!

DSL is up to 25 times faster than dial-up service and is always on... your staff will never experience a busy signal or disconnection again!

DSL uses an existing phone line without interfering with voice communication... A dedicated phone line is no longer a needed to handle your company's internet requirements.

T1 Lines
Does your business demand even more capacity? A T1 line with DWX will deliver as much internet muscle as your business requires, keeping you a step ahead of your competition!

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