Professional Security

Spam Gateway
Your business will thrive with professional-grade spam protection from the DWX Server Gateway.

Advanced technology that's always on and updated daily, this service will keep your company's computers as safe & secure as possible. All e-mail sent to your employees passes through our gateway & is thoroughly screened for spam, eliminating the clutter that hinders productivity.

An affordable and invaluable service from DWX !

DWX e-mail servers employ enhanced e-mail screening software to scan everything that's sent to your company's e-mail addresses. When we find a known danger, we kill it immediately so it never gets a chance to wreak havoc in your office.

Protect your company & yourself from potential problems by filtering out areas of the internet that no employee should be reaching from work. An employee landing on 'bad' website - intentionally or not - may expose your company to an array of problems that you just don't need.

Keep your work environment safe & productive with filtering from DWX!